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*Disclaimer: The services offered on this website are not diagnostic or designed to treat or cure any disease, illness or condition. The programs are based around dietary and nutritional programs designed to support the body’s natural processes. If you have any illness or condition or you are concerned about your health, you should see a health professional.

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Natural defence

Staying healthy

Most people take their health for granted until something goes wrong. It is only when the wheels fall off, that they start to look more closely at what has brought them to this position. Your body has a natural ability to maintain good health and heal itself if it is given the right conditions in which to do so. In order to understand how you can use your body's natural protective abilities it's important to understand some basic facts.

Try viewing your body like you view your bank account. The bills and payments, which deplete your account are the stresses to which the body is subjected. The money that you put in to pay these bills, the credits, are the micro-nutrients which form part of your diet. When you are putting enough money or the correct nutrition into the bank it stays in the black or in good health. The moment that your money or nutrients don't cover the payments, you go overdrawn or suffer ill health. At bionetics we will concentrate on reducing the bills or stresses on your account and increasing the money or micro-nutrients with which you can cover the bills. The end result should be an account which is always in the black and therefore in good health.

Healthy balance

It is the balance of stresses and nutrition, which will largely dictate the sate of your health. When there are too many stress factors and too little nutrition then an imbalance will occur, which will stop the body's natural defence process. Homeostasis, the point at which the body is in balance will occur when the stress levels are reduced and the nutritional intake is increased. See the animation below for an explanation of this crucial balancing act.

Once this balance is achieved then a relatively low level of nutrient supplementation should be sufficient to sustain the position. However any increase in the stress levels will lead to a greater requirement for nutrition. The balance needs constant monitoring.


Many people only associate malnutrition with pictures they see on TV of starving people looking skeletal and wasted away. The fact couldn't be further from the truth. Malnutrition is probably the biggest killer of people in the Western World. It is not the acute lack of calories, but it is the massive depletion in the range of micro-nutrients that poses the main threat to health in the west.

The victims are often overweight, not under, and sometimes even appear to be the picture of health. However the story inside their body is different. Their defensive systems could have been weakened, leaving the body open to attack and unable rebuild itself, and many essential processes or functions in the body can slow down or stop. The modern western diet provides far more calories than we need with our more sedentary lifestyles. The industrialised processes used on farms and in the factories to produce "modern" food - even so called healthy options, often eliminates essential trace minerals, vitamins etc that our body needs to work as it was intended.

Look at your diet like you view a car. The petrol makes the car run, gives it energy so it can get from A to B. Our petrol is the proteins, fats and carbohydrates that we eat and that give us the energy that we need to function. Run out or petrol or food and you simply top up and carry on. Then there's the oil, which lubricates all of the functions so that the car works properly. Our oil is the micro-nutrients, which allow all of our metabolic functions to occur. When your car runs out of oil the results are often catastrophic and the same can be said for us. When the basic functions fail it doesn't matter how much fuel you have in the engine the car will not run.

Stress factors

These are not just of the emotional sort but relate to anything, which causes the body to be under stress. Those, which have most impact on our health, are:

  • Pathogenic - bacteria, fungus, virus and parasites
  • Toxic - toxic metals, chemicals and radiation
  • Food - intolerances and allergies

Nutritional Depletion - adds to the problem by reducing the resources that the body has to deal with the stress factors. This depletion weakens the immune system allowing pathogens to prevail and slows the detoxification process allowing toxins to accumulate to dangerous levels.

These stresses should not be looked at in isolation but as a dangerous cocktail of factors that often compound each other. For example:

Our body's are highly toxic because of the foods we eat and the air we breathe. This state leaves the body out of balance and creates illness. However part of the problem is the body's inability to eliminate toxins from its system, which is often caused by lack of the nutrition needed for these processes. In order to redress the balance we need to eliminate the toxins from source and provide the missing nutrition for detoxification.

Other factors

Your body was designed to work at an optimum pH of around 7.4 or high alkalinity. However modern diets increase acidity, a condition called acidosis, and this leads to malfunction. Often the first sign of this happening is heartburn, a condition caused when the body produces too much hydrochloric acid in order to try and digest highly processed or intolerant foods.

The dietary changes that we recommend, will in part, contribute to an increase in the pH level in the body. We also recommend a product called Nano-Cal. This will speed up the process of increasing alkalinity and will remove one more stress from the body. Use the link above to find out more about Nano-Cal and order yours today.

It is a fairly well known fact that we all need to drink more water- on average between
1.5 - 2 litres per day. Water is required for a host of our body's primary functions including:

  • Transportation of hormones, nutrients and oxygen
  • To allow chemical reactions to occur
  • Regulation of cell chemistry
  • Dilution of toxins
  • Distribution of heat

Without the right amount of the right quality water the body simply cannot fulfil many of these functions. This puts more stress on the body and contributes to ill health.

Tap water is full of chemicals and so we recommend bottled or filtered water. Filtered water is best because it removes many of the toxins present even in some bottled water. Silverline make the best filters, so click on the link to find out more and how to get yours.

Another key factor in helping correct a nutritional imbalance is to ensure that the gut is capable of absorbing nutrients efficiently. Often the gut is blocked with debris and has poor gut flora (probiotics - caused by the use of antibiotics and other drugs), which help to break down the foods you eat into the nutrients that pass into your blood stream.

We recommend a product called Prime Directive, an organic wholefood, which contains 13 friendly bacteria, which will help to improve digestion and absorption. Click on the link to find out more.

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*The services offered on this website are not diagnostic or designed to treat or cure any disease, illness or condition. The programs are based around dietary and nutritional programs designed to support the body’s natural processes. If you have any illness or condition or you are concerned about your health, you should see a health professional.

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